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Our Team

Richard Upshall, Executive Chairman

“I believe a team is only as good as the people in it, from those in the front line to those in the back office. With that in mind I will always strive to provide the best work place, best conditions and the utmost respect for all, at all times, without exception. As I do this, all the teams I work with will deliver services to the standard that you would expect from the best and therefore protect and allow your assets to thrive.”

A Dubai based entrepreneur, Richard Upshall has always had an insatiable appetite for starting up new businesses, providing magic beans to existing ideas with others, as well as funding and supporting his own. Of late the cycle has really kicked up a gear with the RU Brand moving in to many genres of business from fast food franchising to the music industry.

Richard left the UK in 1991 to go and find his fortune, and started his first Dubai based business in 1996 after a few years and a number of different jobs in Dubai, as well as a year backpacking in Australia. From this time came the idea for OES Oilfield Services which was established in 1996 and has subsequently grown to provide services on five continents. Working in the deepwater and shallow water field of exploration drilling as well as involved with drilling operations, offshore construction, field development and the international oil and gas exploration industry onshore and offshore has provided massive experience.

The RU brand businesses are exploding with growth potential, RU Living covering the fields of Exclusive Beauty Cryogenic Lipolysis, Facial and Body Anaylser Machines, Bespoke Wellness in the sphere of health, wellbeing and nutrition and of course RU Active covering Personal Training and Swimming Programs. RU Hungry is expanding fast off the Pizza Hut platform, and RU Listening signs its first artist and prepares for the virgin single and EP coming soon. RU Roaming and RU Talking offer VOIP and free roaming services around the world.